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This is the LibGuide to the Graduate Seminar: Technologies of Experience with Professor David Clark

Course Description

MFAR 6202: Technologies of Experience is a Graduate Seminar that investigates the aesthetic implications of technology and technological change through lectures, readings, demonstrations, in-class exercises alongside collaborative and individual research/scholarship. This class is aimed at creative artists who wish to survey the field of media theory and philosophy and apply it to their studio practice. This class will cover a broad array of material and ideas about the cultural context and history of media art and historic and contemporary art practices that engage with technology.

Contact Info

Instructor: David Clark

Office Phone: (902) 492-2445

Office:  Room A204(Academy Building)­


Office Hours: Tuesdays, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Fridays, 10am – noon

David Clark

Technologies of Experience

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Fun Fact

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