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This is a guide to the NSCAD Library. Included is information you will need to borrow books and other materials, how to manage your library account, how to find information for your research and studies, and more.

Perform Basic Searches

You can search the catalogue using a basic search, similar to a Google search, by entering some keywords or a title into the search bar.

WorldCat: search the world's libraries!

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Search for a Phrase

If you want to search for a phrase of two or more words, type quotation marks around your phrase.


"contemporary art"

Expand Your Search

To search the catalogue for an item that may include one or more terms, include OR  in uppercase letters between search terms.


ceramics OR pottery

You can further expand your results by using a wildcard search. Use a question mark (?) in place of a single letter, or an asterisk (*) in place of more than one letter.


cat? will search for the terms cat, cats, etc.

wom?n will search for woman, women, etc.

photo* will give you results for the term photo, photography, photographic, photon, etc.




Narrow your search

If your search results include terms you don't want to include, use the term NOT in uppercase to exclude a word from being searched.


video NOT games

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