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NSCAD Library: Reserves

The NSCAD Library is Atlantic Canada’s largest library dedicated to fine arts, craft, and design. It houses an extensive collection of print and media resources, online databases, and special collections to support learning in all subjects taught at NSCAD

Library Staff: Janice Fralic-Brown

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Janice Fralic-Brown
NSCAD University Library
5163 Duke St.
Halifax, NS
B3J 3J6
Subjects:Copyright, Library


Reserves (books, articles, DVDs, other material) are available at the NSCAD University Library Circulation Desk.  You may borrow reserve material using your NSCAD student ID which becomes your library card. You can search the Novanet Catalogue, using the Reserves tab, to find out what is on reserve for your course or instructor.

Books / Articles / Chapters:
Copying of these materials is permitted provided you follow fair dealing copying guidelines

Borrowing periods:
Books, Photocopies:
3 hour, in-library use
1 hour outside library use

24 hour loan

Otherwise, at professor's discretion.

Equipment Reserve Loans

External DVD Drives
The library now has four external DVD drives (Samsung SE-208) available at the Circulation Desk. You can borrow these to use with any DVDs you want to watch. These drives are cross platform compatible, although there may be issues with individual computer configurations. It is recommended that you use VLC as the media player of choice in order to avoid problems with DVDs meant for use in particular geographic regions. This is especially true for Macs, where you may be limited to only 5 changes in region. 

Borrowing Period:
48 hours

One set of standard over the ear headphones for use in library with DVDs, YouTube videos, etc.

Borrowing Period:
3 hours

Link to VLC download page


Faculty must supply a course syllabus when submitting material for reserve.  This will enable us to have reserve items available to students when needed.

Requesting Items for Reserve
If you would like to request books, DVDs, or other media from the NSCAD library and VRC collections (including material available at other Novanet libraries), please email Jan Fralic-Brown with your requests. If you need to have items purchased for your class reserves, please email Rebecca Young with those requests. Reserves are normally processed in the order in which they arrive at the library.

Reserve Circulation and Availability 
Books and individual copies of articles and chapters on reserve are normally available for 3 hours use in library and 1 hour use outside the library, but loan periods may be changed upon request. Copying of these materials is permitted provided you follow fair dealing copying procedures. DVDs are usually available for 24 hour loan. 

Books, Exhibition Catalogues, DVDs, etc.
Items available from NSCAD University Library
If the items on your reserve form are available from the NSCAD Library they can usually be processed within 2-3 days. Items on loan will be recalled and placed on reserve when returned.

Items available from other Novanet Libraries
Items from other Novanet Libraries are only placed on reserve by permission of the owning Library. Please allow 7-10 days for processing if these items are on the shelf & slightly longer if the items are in circulation.

Individual  Readings from Books or Journals
Individual  readings can be photocopied and placed on reserve. If at all possible, the best practice is to place the original source (book, journal issue, etc.) on reserve. Students may make a copy of the reading for their own use following fair dealing copying procedures.

Personal Copies of Books
Whenever possible, the Library purchases books requested for reserve rather than place personal copies on reserve.  If a personal copy must be placed on reserve, the material will be barcoded and labelled. We make every effort to safeguard Reserve material, however, the Library cannot accept responsibility for lost and/or damaged items.

Required Texbooks
Required textbooks can be placed on reserve.  

Photocopied Material
Individual Articles or Chapters
Photocopies of individual articles or chapters may be placed on reserve and students only if:
* it is no more than 10% of a copyright-protected work; and
* no more than one chapter is copied from a single book, or a single article from a periodical. 

Please provide a copy of the course syllabus with the articles and ensure that a full citation, including the author, publisher, and original source, appears on all photocopies.  Note that whenever possible and available, the original source is placed on reserve which students may read in library, photocopy, scan etc. following fair dealing copying guidelines on campus.

In summary, items NOT eligible for reserve include:

  • materials received through interlibrary loan;
  • current issues of non-academic periodicals; and
  • multiple short excerpts from the same copyright-protected work.

For assistance with reserves please contact Janice Fralic-Brown at 494-8229 or by email.