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NSCAD Library: Donations

The NSCAD Library is Atlantic Canada’s only library dedicated to fine arts, craft, and design. It houses an extensive collection of print and media resources, online databases, and special collections to support learning in all subjects taught at NSCAD.

Library Donations Policy

NSCAD Library Donations Policy

Revised: June 2016

The NSCAD Library is fortunate to have added many treasured items to our collection over the years via the generosity of donors who have given to us.


Donation Criteria

Books and other items offered as donations are evaluated and screened before accepting to the collection. Acceptance of materials is at the discretion of the Director of the Library and library staff.

The Library is not able to accept all items offered, and the significant cost and space requirements of managing and storage of books must be considered. Our physical space is limited.

Donations must be relevant to the Library’s subject areas or otherwise relevant to subjects taught at NSCAD.

Duplicates of items already held in the collection may not be accepted.

The Library may not accept items that are heavily damaged, marked up, or otherwise in poor condition.

The Library may accept donations of periodicals at the discretion of the Director of the Library.

The Library cannot accept donations in outmoded formats (VHS, cassette tapes) unless the items possess unique or archival value to NSCAD.

Items that are illegally obtained or copied shall not be accepted.

Agreement of Donation

Donations to the NSCAD Library are usually unconditional.

Materials donated to the NSCAD Library become the property of NSCAD University and the Director of the Library will determine the use of donated items.

The Director of the Library and the donor must agree upon any special restrictions or conditions at the time of donation.

The Library will provide a donation agreement for the donor to sign.

Tax Receipts

At the wish of the donor, NSCAD University can provide a tax receipt for gifts. The donor must provide a detailed list of items in order to be issued a receipt.