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PNTG Seminar 4102, "Colouring": September 21, Frances Dorsey Dye Garden

Frances Dorsey Dye Garden Visit

Frances Dorsey, Shot Through the Heart, 2010

Frances Dorsey is a textile artist who has lived and worked in Nova Scotia for many years. This is from a recent artist's statement:

"The new works I have been making are in a sense about gratitude for small blessings. While continuing to work with no-longer usable table linens, they have become the sites for the pleasure of colour more than regret for things left unsaid, and more of the colour comes from local plants, or sustainably harvested materials. I love the proposition that one could go out and get colour for free, whether by gathering or growing plants and sticks or digging clay out of the ground, that in fact one could be back on Crusoe’s Island and still bring outrageous colour into being."