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PNTG Seminar 4102, "Colouring": Research Paper Guidelines


Research Paper Guidelines

Your paper can be written in any style so long as it’s consistent

This pertains to the manner of your writing (for eg, Taussig’s writing is lyrical, poetic and somewhat informal; Dyer’s writing  (“White”) is scholarly and academic; McKinley (Indigo) is anecdotal and historical – somewhat in the manner of journalistic writing). You are invited to write in whatever manner you choose.

Style also pertains to the format of your paper – the format you use for citations, footnotes, bibliography and layout. (There is no fixed style for MFA thesises)

Please double-space

Proof-read carefully, checking spelling and grammar. Do at least one thorough edit of your paper (ideally with someone else).

You should have a range of sources. You probably haven’t looked far enough if all of your sources are webpages.

Include a bibliography

Grad students – please include an annotated bibliography (ie description of content as well as bibliographical information). Your annotations need only be one or two sentences.

Your paper should be between 10 and 17 pages long

Your presentation should be about 20 minutes long. The format is up to you, but feel free to include pictures, movies, sound etc, whether digital or actual

You are welcome to make a studio-based piece in relation to course material.
It should be accompanied by a 2-page written text that directly links your visual research/process/work to ideas we discussed in class or which have been triggered by readings, presentations or discussion.