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PNTG Seminar 4102, "Colouring": Writing Centre, Style Guides

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is available online to all students. From the Director, Becka Barker:

Tutors are happy to see students at any point in the process: researching, note-taking, organizing, outlining, etc., as well as drafting and editing. It's not unlike therapy, a studio visit, or working with a personal trainer. It's about the process!

Please also note that the writing centre is not just for essays (although we love essays). Our tutors also help with resumes, artist statements, exhibition proposals, cover letters, text for posters, citations, dialogues, or any other kind of written task students may encounter at NSCAD. 
All of our tutors are seasoned professionals who hold advanced degrees in the arts, including Art History, Museum Studies, and Fine Arts. All have several years of professional experience teaching, as well as writing for art-specific contexts, such as grants, proposals, critical essays, theses, and more. Our tutors are well-attuned to the specific needs of students in art and design.

APA style guide

Chicago Manual of Style

Citing Sources