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PNTG Seminar 4102, "Colouring": Home

Daniel Buren, "Catch as Catch Can", 2014

One of the founders of the French 'Support-Surfaces' group of the 1960's, Buren works with an expanded idea of painting. His work was, and remains, solely site-specific; he colours the space that he is engaging with non-traditional paint processes. In this case, he stained the windows in the gallery, and used mirrors to refract the resultant coloured light through the exhibition space. This work was installed at BALTIC, in Gateshead, England, 2014.

Subject Guide

Course Guide Information

As mentioned in the Intro to this seminar, the most significant aspect of your participation in the class is based on your having thoughtfully engaged with the required readings, presentations and assignments.

Each week's class will begin with a discussion of the previous week's assigned readings considered alongside the instructor's presentation, also from the previous week. We will allot about an hour for this discussion; everyone should come prepared to engage with the topics at hand, query the readings and the presentations, and bring new perspectives to the material.

The second hour of the class -- separated by a lengthy break from the first -- will consist of a presentation by the instructor or a guest with time for discussion and questions to follow. These presentations will be germane to the readings you will be preparing in the upcoming week.

This course guide lays out the material under consideration each week, specific readings to be prepared, and links to related material.

PLEASE NOTE: Under the tab for each week of the class there is a box or boxes that list the required reading for the following week. Thus, September 14 lists the readings you are asked to prepare for September 21, and so on.


Sara Hartland-Rowe TEDx, 'Twilight's Knowledge'