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FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts: Home

This course prepares students for the writing required in other courses at the College. Frequent writing and editing assignments will address clarity, focus, and logical development of ideas within the language of art, craft, and design.


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Susie DeCoste
Office: S402

Course Guide

Course guide for FNDN 1800-3 Fall 2016

Mondays 6-9pm 

NSCAD University

Port Campus Room P214

Instructor: Dr. Susie DeCoste



Welcome to Writing for the Arts! You will find everything you need to get here to get started. More details and links will be added as the course progresses. Links to the readings are located under the Readings tab and in the box to the right. 

Week 1 "Short Creative Assignment" Homework details:

1. Write your own version of "The Day Lady Died" by Frank O'Hara. Type it and bring it to class.

2. Read Frank O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" and find two or three references that you do not understand right away. Look them up. Does knowing more about these references help you to understand the poem better? Explain in your own words what you found and how it influenced your reading of the poem. 

3. Find a blank book and start writing. Four hand-written pages are due this week.

4. Find the two required readings for this week under the "Readings" tab and read them. Bring them to class with you along with any notes. This week's readings: Selections from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and "Prologue: A Postcard from the 'Shore of Songs'" by Ian Mackay