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NSCAD Library: Covid Library Services FAQs

The NSCAD Library is Atlantic Canada’s largest library dedicated to fine arts, craft, and design. It houses an extensive collection of print and media resources, online databases, and special collections to support learning in all subjects taught at NSCAD

NSCAD Library _ Library Services During COVID-19

Frequently asked questions

Is the Library open?

I don't have a Library card. How can I register to borrow items from the Library and use online resources?

Can I borrow items from the Library? What about other Novanet libraries?

Can I return my books?

Will loans be extended?

How can I use the Library from home?

I am a faculty member and I have items on course reserve. What can I do to make those items available to my students?

Can I still request Interlibrary Loans?


Why can't I log in to request an Interlibrary Loan?

Who can I contact if I have a question or concern?

Please contact Rebecca Young, Director of Library services:


Is the Library open?

The Library has moved to mainly virtual operations as the NSCAD campuses are currently not open. As of 18 March, 2020, NSCAD Campus access is limited to all but essential personnel or for employees needing to access the campus for a very limited time and purpose. Library staff are working on campus and remotely to support as many requests and services as possible during the closure.

I don't have a Library card.  How can I register to borrow items from the Library?

In order to see all of the material available to you in the Novanet catalogue and place requests for items in Novanet libraries and interlibrary loan requests for digital material from other libraries, you need to sign in to the catalogue with a library barcode and password.

To register while campuses are currently closed:

-Fill out the patron registration form found in the NSCAD Forms Portal.

-A library staff member will enter your information in the system and send you an email with your new barcode.

-You can arrange to pick up a barcode by contacting Jan Fralic-Brown

For anyone with a current NSCAD ID who is having problems logging in to the catalogue or the Interlibrary Loan form, please contact either Jan Fralic-Brown or Detta Morrison-Phillips

If you are a current NSCAD student, staff or faculty member, and haven't used the library, your barcode should be on the back of your ID card, and your password should be the last four digits of your phone number.*

If you have graduated from NSCAD, but need to continue to use the catalogue, borrow materials from Novanet libraries, and place interlibrary loan requests for digital articles and book chapters, please email Janice Fralic-Brown to register with the library.

*If you have your barcode and password, but are still unable to log in to the catalogue, your patron account, or the Interlibrary loan request form, please contact Janice Fralic-Brown or Detta Morrison-Phillips for assistance.


Can I borrow items from the NSCAD Library? What about other Novanet libraries?

Yes. You can place requests for items from NSCAD and other Novanet member libraries. To borrow from the NSCAD library, or have items from other Novanet libraries delivered to NSCAD for you while access to most campuses is restricted, we have developed a "Curbside/Service Centre Pick-up Service”. Here’s how it works: 

1. In the Novanet catalogue you can use your barcode and password to place requests for circulating items, or, if you are a NSCAD student, staff or faculty, you can alternatively fill out an online form  found on in the NSCAD Forms Portal.  

2. Someone from the owning institution's library staff will: 

  • confirm they’ve received your request, 
  • check the library collection to determine if the material you requested is available, 
  • if the request is for material from our library, we will sign it out to you, or
  • if for material at another library, they will send the items to NSCAD, where we will sign out the available items to you
  • We will package them and contact you to let you know when you can pick them up or to assist with providing alternate items if your requested item(s) are not available. 

3. To pick up your material:

  •  set up an appointment time to pick up the material, or;
  •  ask library staff to leave the package in the Service Centre and specify the date and time when can arrange a pick up (Currently, open hours for the Service Centre are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.); or
  •  make alternative arrangements that comply with Public Health guidelines, and are practicable for library staff to fulfil.    

If you have further questions or concerns about borrowing library materials please contact Jan Fralic-Brown, Circulation Supervisor,  or Rebecca Young, Director of the Library . 

Can I return my books?

Yes, you can. Here are your options to return items you borrowed from NSCAD and other Novanet libraries, as well as items borrowed directly from any Nova Scotia public library:

  1. You can contact either Jan or Detta to set up a time to drop off your returns to one of us outside the library.
  2. If you have permission to access the Fountain campus on other business, you can leave your returned library material with Security to leave at the library.
  3. The Killam library at Dalhousie University (6225 University Ave.) has a 24-hour exterior book drop for public use.
  4. Some Novanet libraries allow items from other Novanet libraries to be returned at their location but you should check on their respective websites to make sure.
  5. The book drops at most Public Libraries around the province, the Seaport Farmers' Market, and the Halifax International Airport are now open to receive returns for both public and academic libraries. 

If you are returning items borrowed through Interlibrary Loans (e.g. from libraries outside Novanet, or from public libraries outside the area you live in), please bring them directly to NSCAD, following either option 1 or option 2 above. 

Will loans be extended?

Extended loans to May 31, 2021 will be provided for all loans while classes remain primarily online for the Winter. Further good news – there will be no overdue fines on any general loan materials. This applies to all borrowers, including members of the public as well as our academic communities. 

How can I use the Library from home?

The Library has pages on our guide to help you access Library resources from home.

Our Database A-Z page will help you get online access to full-text articles, e-books, journals, and streamed videos: Databases A-Z

You can still get access to circulating print books, e-books and full text content (NSCAD owned or Novanet-shared) through the Novanet Catalogue*:

To see what services are available at other Novanet libraries you can find links to their websites on the Novanet home page.  Links to Novanet member libraries are along the top right of the page.

For general information on using resources while off-campus, use the Off Campus Access page: Off Campus Access

I am a faculty member and I have items on course reserve. What can I do to make those items available to my students?

For faculty who have course reserve items, we will attempt to provide them in alternate formats, and we can assist with making resources available through Brightspace. Please send any requests for library materials (books, print resources, DVDs, streamed content) to me, Lelland Reed, Acting Director of Library Services. Library staff and myself will endeavour to find licensed and open access digital versions of texts, readings, video, journals and so on.

For your course readings, you should take advantage of our Syllabus Service:
We can assist you in making your course readings easily accessible to students through Brightspace while respecting NSCAD licensing agreements and Canadian copyright.  Using your course reading list, a Librarian will create persistent links for content licensed through our online databases and place them in your Brightspace course. This service is available to all NSCAD Faculty and instructors.

You can find out more about the Syllabus Service by checking out the Syllabus Service Guide or contacting Lelland Reed, our Collections and Systems Librarian.

While preparing your course materials, you can check out our copyright guidelines here.  

Can I still request Interlibrary Loans?

Requests for books within Novanet can now be filled (with some exceptions), using our catalogue. Requests for physical materials, articles or book chapters from libraries outside of Novanet may be submitted and will be filled depending upon availability. For more information, contact Detta Morrison-Phillips or Jan Fralic-Brown.

Why can't I log in to request an Interlibrary Loan?

You may not be registered with the library or your account may need to be updated. Patron accounts require updating each year, usually in October. Please contact Detta Morrison-Phillips or Jan Fralic-Brown for assistance.